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Long-Term Value and Support with Our Tube Set Assembly Platform

Flexible manufacturing platform Being built on the SuperTrak GEN3™ conveyance platform means that system modification and expansion is much simpler and cost effective. For example, should space be required to add additional tooling in order to manufacture a new product variant or increase capacity, the SuperTrak GEN3™ conveyance platform can be expanded by adding 1-meter […]

Matt Park

7 Things to Consider to Maximize Efficiency in Medical Tube Set Automation

Introduction In the world of medical tube set manufacturing (IV, dialysis, blood collection, infusion), end users are not willing to pay top dollar for what is considered a ‘disposable’ piece of the process versus the pumps, therapies, plasma, etcetera. Therefore, it is imperative that production costs are minimized at the onset of a new product […]

Paul Nordin

Exploring the Innovations Behind our Tube Set Assembly: Features That Make a Difference

Introduction When manufacturing medical tube sets, two of the most important factors to the manufacturer include output volume and product quality, both in terms of machine generated scrap (e.g. tube improperly inserted to connector and rejected by the machine) and product quality to the end user (e.g. no scuff marks on tubing, minimal particulate in […]

Alex Folz

Top 10 Ways to De-Risk Automation

What to Do Before a Product Design is Locked Down Engineers know the frustration of designing a manufacturing process that is difficult to scale up or automate. Let’s say benchtop equipment was built to test an assembly process with equipment running at a slower rate to support manual loading, and the controller and servos were […]

Hang Tran, P.Eng., M.A. Sc., PMP

When is the Right Time to Involve a Turnkey Contract Manufacturer?

You cannot be an expert at everything. If you try, inevitably something will go off the rails preventing your organization from realizing their initial business objectives. Many OEMs/businesses have evolved out of the full lifecycle ownership mindset. Process engineering, forensic engineering, and reliability engineering are a few of the many consulting disciplines available to support […]

Jordi Brown

Are Pre-Engineered Automation and High-Speed Assembly Mutually Exclusive?

The Case for Pre-Engineered Automation Systems Over approximately the last 30 years, the evolution of automated systems implemented to enable advanced manufacturing has led to the proliferation of the pre-engineered automated work cell/system. In turn, this has enabled significant growth in the global deployment of automated systems throughout all facets of global manufacturing, where virtually […]

Hang Tran, P.Eng., M.A. Sc., PMP

How a Good Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Partner Impacts Your Business

Contract (or white label) manufacturers play a very important role when it comes to producing certain products. CMs offer technical expertise gained through years of experience in the field with respect to product design, repetitive equipment manufacturing (REM), system integration, and providing service that is highly agile and can quickly scale your business. Some of […]

ATS Life Sciences

3 Reasons Why Sourcing a Turnkey Contract Manufacturer Will Improve Your Bottom Line

You can’t be an expert at everything. For this reason, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are constantly faced with meeting various product commercialization issues. Between streamlining supply chains, minimizing material handling, and consolidating vendor selections to remain competitive, there’s a lot that goes into improving your bottom line. OEMs base their value on customizing their product […]

Jordi Brown

Welcoming Mauricio Senties

I was born in Mexico City and grew up in South Texas. I moved to Boston to study Chemistry at Tufts University and not long after finishing, landed a role at Beckman Coulter. After a few years there, I took a role at Thermo Fisher Scientific where I spent almost the next 17 years of […]

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