Assembly of mechanical components


Autoinjector Platforms

Our expertise ranges from the pre-assembly of mechanical parts (generally 8 to 15 components), to the pre-assembly of the cannula (cannula-hub glued with cannula, protection cap and sealed container).

Key Benefits

Suite of products/machines could include

High speed

Wide range of platforms including low-, high- and scalable volume

High mix

Minimal changeover allows multiple products (SKUs)

Low reject rate

Greater yield due to higher quality build standards and less scrap

higher OEE

Due to greater uptime and reliability



ATS CleanTrak™

Carrier-based conveyance system suitable for class 100K (ISO 8) applications including autoinjector assembly


ATS Clearliner™

Ideal for any tray or ISO/Euro pallet sizes from 400 to 1000 mm; integrate with conveyor belts or trolleys to feed and unload trays and pallets


ATS CleanTrak™ Cleanroom Transfer System

Carrier-based conveyance system suitable for
class 100K (ISO 8) applications

Looking For a Solution for the Pre-assembly of Disposable Autoinjectors or Pens?

As the demand for tools for the self-administration of drugs increases, so does the need for manufacturing processes that are safe, reliable, compliant, time-efficient and customizable. Let’s discuss how ATS autoinjector manufacturing equipment can meet your need.


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