Small batch or single piece part flows

SuperTrak MICRO™

Unmatched combination of flexibility and high-speed performance. The ideal conveyance platform for small part assembly and processing

SuperTrak MICRO™

Solves conveyance issues associated with small batch or single piece part flows with payload of up to 1.5kg and part spacing as low as 50mm.

  • Modular components can be shaped to suit specific needs
  • Divide and merge anywhere; separate and unite at full speed
  • Clean grade stainless steel housing supports medical-grade applications


  • Carrier options: Standard mover configuration with 50 or 100 mm magnet array options
  • Output rates up to 120 ppm (depending on product)
  • Payload: 1.5kg for a 50mm shuttle and 3kg for a 100mm shuttle
  • Sort and divert shuttles at full speed; maximum 3m/s


  • High speed, low weight applications where rework may be required
  • Multiple tracks where decision-based processing is needed
  • Fits into existing PLC and controls systems

Key Benefits

Small batch or single piece part flows ideal for small part assembly and processing.

Improved Cycle Times & Throughput

Divide and merge anywhere with full process flexibility. Part flow can be separated and united at full speed for optimal OEE.

Reduce Factory Footprint

Multiple configurations with modular components help you maximize available floor space. Segments can be shaped for your factory layout and application needs.

Clean Grade

Stainless steel housing supports rigorous cleaning and medical grade applications.

Easily Deploy and Redeploy

Small asynchronous magnetic linear mover with track-to-track switching gets you into production faster and more effectively by saving significant engineering and integration time.

Modular Micro Conveyance for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing

Let’s discuss your conveyance options for smaller-scale production for medical, pharmaceutical, and life science applications.


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