A viable automation solution


Automation solutions are no longer out of reach for even smaller facilities. There is no need to limit your operation to manual solutions when we can offer up-to-date systems with smaller footprints

Automation for Improved Accuracy, Capacity, and Efficiency

Pharmacy Automation

  • ASRS Systems
  • Data Management
  • Mail Order Fulfillment, Patient-Specific Blister Packs, Dispensaries
  • Facility Fulfillment

Lab Automation

  • Facility Fulfillment
  • Material Handling
  • Load/Unload Systems
  • Marking and Traceability
  • Sample Preparation and Routing Analysis

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Automate common and time-consuming tasks for greater accuracy and productivity

Scalable ASRS Systems
Scalable ASRS Systems

Scalable ASRS Systems

High-quality solutions where compliance is critical. Fully automate or supplement traditional/manual processes. Optional autonomous vehicles

Material Handling
Material Handling

Material Handling

A range of controls can reduce rework and variability, resulting in improvements in quality. Increased security for controlled substances

Patient Order Fulfillment
Patient Order Fulfillment

Patient Order Fulfillment

Select, pack (including patient adherence packaging), label for complete traceability, as well as track reorder dates. Fully personalize by patient

Increased Safety
Increased Safety

Increased Safety

Robotic handling of dangerous substances or HPAPI protects technicians, and reduces contamination of surfaces


Automated Pharmacy

Lab Equipment

Order Fulfillment

Patient-specific Orders

Lab Analysis

Lab Cell Handling



Automated Pharmacies with ASRS

ASRSs can save time, reduce errors, and enhance inventory control resulting in improved patient service

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