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Clinical, LV or HV Automation Platform

(Estimated order to FAT complete lead time)

  • Clinical (~2 ppm)
    Does not include SuperTrakTM CONVEYANCE
    < 6 months
  • Low volume (up to ~15 ppm)
    Includes SuperTrakTM CONVEYANCE
    < 10 months
  • High volume (> ~ 15 ppm)
    Includes SuperTrakTM CONVEYANCE
    < 12 months


  • Expandable conveyor and workstation configuration to meet unique customer throughput requirements
  • Equipped with:
    • IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence
    • ATS CortexTM Vision System
  • Variable throughput microfluidic manufacturing, biosensor, biochip, lab on a chip (LOAC), diagnostic, microarray
  • PLC Master Control
  • Integrated device processing (drying, cooling, humidity control)

Recommended for

  • Diagnostic Cartridges and Wearables
  • Single or Low Plex Assays
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Testing
  • Amino and Genomic Assays
  • Clinical analyzers to detect presence of infectious disease (eg. POC lateral flow tests)
  • Consumer Genomics

Learn More About Microfluidic Dispensing

BioDot is a specialist in ultra-low volume dispensing; picoliter to microliter discrete product dispensing, complemented by enabling technologies, Application engineering, product validation, and DFA/DFM. Experience supporting customers from research to pilot production.

The MODULISTM solution offers vision-guided part targeting, at 2 nanoliter to 4 microliter discrete droplet volume with up to 24 dispense channels.

BioJet Modulis

Learn More About Smart Conveyance

The SuperTrak GEN3TM is a fully programmable asynchronous linear motion technology with independent and parallel dispensing workstations. Integrated parent PLC cell control, integrated smart vision, modular and configured system footprint.

Index shuttles quickly to eliminate the number of tooling parts required. Turnkey solutions are fully supported over the life of the asset with support for IQ / OQ. MODULIS, equipped with SuperTrak GEN3TM is a modular, integrated solution that transitions from clinical to high-volume manufacturing.

Large diagnostic organizations and start-ups alike are focused on three key areas:

Reducing time to result,

Reducing sample volume, and

Increasing the quality (and quantity) of the underlying patient data.

Smaller, more complex devices with 10s to 1000s of individual capture chemistries are currently moving through the development cycle, and the most advanced groups are now bringing their solutions to market. 

Download our whitepaper for a more in-depth look at the opportunities in the diagnostic landscape.



The Road to Commercialization

MODULIS is a modular solution for clinical and high-volume manufacturing. It shrinks your automated micro-dispensing platform build schedule from order to factory acceptance.


Consumer Diagnostic Device Manufacturing

The race is on to develop and commercialize new novel biochips/biosensors for a broad spectrum of health markers. Getting to market first is the challenge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers want to know how we developed this pre-configured platform, and what its capabilities are from the lab to high-volume production. 

Customization, reduced start-up time, and integration expertise coupled with global reach and local support

We solve your manufacturing challenges with proven technology to get you to market fast. Tailor the modules to meet demand as you move from clinical production to commercialization.

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