Automated capture and inspection of images


ATS vision solutions are built on a long history of machine vision experience to provide high-quality optical and system designs resulting in the best image sets and deployment architecture. The addition of artificial intelligence offers powerful new tools to solve vision problems on the manufacturing floor


ATS PharmaScan™ Platforms for Advanced Inspection

The PharmaScan™ family of advanced inspection platforms is designed to meet the highest pharmaceutical industry standards for liquid or lyo. Check for multiple defect criteria.

ATS SmartVision

ATS SmartVision™& ATS Cortex™ Solution

Vision system and open software for the coordination and control of cameras and lighting systems necessary for complex inspections, offering cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization.


Bluetooth® Connected Devices Functionality Test

A test system that verifies and validates the correct transmission of data and functionality of your Bluetooth® enabled smart medical and diagnostic devices, which can be a stand-alone solution or an integration into existing automation.

Sustainability Module

Measure in real-time energy consumption per part/by batch to easily identify and report your carbon footprint.

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Each vision problem is unique and may require a unique toolset which can include deep learning tools for classification, object detection, anomaly detection and text recognition. We can help you find what you’re looking for.


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