Smart testing, inspection and validation


Our smart test, inspection, and digital solutions have been developed to ensure product and process integrity while providing higher efficiency, reliability, and better networking

Functional and Data Testing


Data intelligence and manufacturing performance. Software that provides actionable data to identify trends, provide complete traceability, and inform reporting.

Vision Inspection

Machine vision inspection to ensure quality in a GMP manufacturing environment. High-quality optical systems for classification, object detection, anomaly detection, and text recognition. Dedicated and highly experienced team of Vision Engineers with knowledge of optics, lighting, software, and machine integration.

Automated capture of inspection images, combined with classification of these images by trained operators, sets the stage for developing machine learning algorithms. Inspections previously thought difficult to automate and validate may now be candidates for AI/ML.

Functional Testing

The quality of your finished product is critical to success. Automated systems that incorporate in-process monitoring, testing and quality control solutions help to deliver this goal. From sensors to measurement systems, part analysis and verification to part integrity testing, ATS works with you to identify the appropriate checks and verifications.

Standardized and customized solutions for manual or fully automatic tests so that the operating environment, process steps, in-process and finished product meet your defined requirements.

Data Validation

Collected data and reports can be accessed in real time and used to fine tune operations and for electronic batch record purposes. In-process or finished product samples for quality control can be safely retrieved while maintaining complete track and traceability.

Environmental Control

Protective environments from classified rooms to RABS, isolators and aseptic automation that meet CGMP guidelines. Ergonomics, safety and performance with a combination of isolation technology and off-the-shelf process equipment integrated in a single unit.

Bluetooth™ Validation

Verify and validate the correct transmission of data and functionality of your Bluetooth® enabled smart medical and diagnostic devices. We co-develop Bluetooth® functionality tests tailored to your specific product and process requirements.

Typically installed after the (sub)assembly processes and before the packaging stations, the test system for Bluetooth® 5.0 and higher can either be a stand-alone solution or an integration into existing automation systems.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Combination of ATS SmartVision image processing with ATS Illuminate Data management to support a controlled conversion from 100% manual inspection to 100% automated inspection. Utilizes AI and ML technologies to learn and validate defects based on operator categorized images. Suitable for applications utilizing operators for difficult-to-classify defect detection.

Leak Testing

A variety of operations to verify the final product meets expectations and agreed-upon specifications. These tests can include pressure decay, differential pressure, mass flow, helium, dual-stage vacuum to evacuate the DUT and test chamber resulting in improved cycle times.

Defect detection for fluidic or IP rated products during varying stages of assembly. Leak testing in early stages of assembly can reduce production rejects; during product development it can identify realistic leak limits based on functionality.

Powerful Tools to Meet Specifications on the Manufacturing Floor

Unique toolsets which can include environmental control, validation, measurement, predictive analytics and tools for classification, object detection, anomaly detection, and text recognition. We can help you make it right.

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