Proven GEN3 performance in an isolator-ready format


Highly-regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing is supported by SuperTrak PHARMA™, the first isolator-ready, electromagnetic linear mover with independent shuttle control.

SuperTrak PHARMA™

For the first time, pharmaceutical manufacturers can fully utilize the features and benefits of SuperTrak GEN3™ as the primary product mover and asynchronous conveyance solution in an aseptic environment.

  • Independent shuttle control, speed, and precision deliver high-performance capability
  • Less engineering by utilizing the conveyance platform’s integrated functionality


  • Ratings: ISO 5 cleanroom rating and IP65 rated, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified
  • Full washdown in aseptic environment; corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction (≤Ra 0.8 μm)
  • Asynchronous magnetic linear mover for aseptic and clean environments


  • High speed applications with a required high degree of accuracy in placement
  • Aseptic drug delivery device assembly
  • Aseptic wearable patch assembly

Recommended for

  • Aseptic downstream processes like ready to mix, and fill and finish
  • Processing vials, syringes, bags, cartridges, combination products, ampoules, dry powder processing, pills
  • Design conforms to cGMP standards

Key Benefits

Filling and finishing on SuperTrak PHARMA™ provides precise batch control with easily cleanable surfaces for wipe down and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) that meets FDA isolator requirements.

Multi-purpose Applications

This conveyance platform can be used in various applications such as ready-to mix filling and assembly for combined products under stringent aseptic conditions.

Configurability & Reduced Footprint

Preloading and unloading shuttles on the back side can reduce footprint by 50%. End-over-end solutions can further reduce the overall footprint of the isolators or restricted-access barrier systems.

Isolator Ready

Completely enclosed: sealed casing prevents migration of particulate, enables rigorous cleaning protocols, and avoids turbulent air created by vacuum or pressure scenarios.

Testing & Development

During testing and development, SuperTrak PHARMA™ is extremely useful for double barrel injector applications where recirculation of parts is needed, or various batches are being run.

Linear Motion Technology Platform for Aseptic Conditions

Let’s discuss conveyance options for pharmaceutical applications such as ready-to-mix filling, and assembly of combined products under very stringent aseptic conditions


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