All-in-one integrated vision system 


Vision system and open software for the coordination and control of cameras and lighting systems necessary for complex inspections, offering cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization

ATS Cortex NEO

Reduce integration time with a vision solution that comes complete with standardized hardware and software.

  • Scalable across application types and levels of complexity
  • Powerful toolkit included
  • Rapid application development

Key Benefits

An integrated vision solution that comes complete with standardized hardware and software.

Processing Computer

Can communicate with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) through a wide variety of field bus interfaces.

Flexible Storage

Varying levels of storage and RAM by model configuration to suit any application. 

Camera Power

Can connect to a maximum of four (4) GigE Power Over Ethernet (PoE) cameras.

Plug and Play

The USB connectors are standard USB 3.1 plug and play connectors used for the integrated backup device and other peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse.

Other Vision and Testing


SmartVision software is a highly scalable PC-based vision system that combines a high-performance, platform-independent vision engine with an easy-to-use development interface.


The PharmaScan™ family of advanced inspection platforms is designed to meet the highest pharmaceutical industry standards for liquid or lyo. Check for multiple defect criteria.


Verify and validate the correct transmission of data and functionality of your Bluetooth® enabled smart medical and diagnostic devices. We co-develop Bluetooth® functionality tests tailored to your specific product and process requirements.

All-in-one Integrated Vision System

For complex inspections, we offer cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization. Let’s see what we can put together!

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