Low volume device assembly and trayhandling


Highly flexible modules providing the foundation for easy automated part handling and assembly of medical devices

ATS SwiftCell™ 

Standardized assembly modules are designed to meet the highest regulatory standards.

  • Low volume: up to 20 ppm
  • Pick and choose modules for transport, infeed/outfeed, and process stations
  • Several vision options possible




  • Highly standardized modules for picking and choosing
  • Transport style: Robot, Dial, Belt and/or Conveyor
  • Infeed/Outfeed solution: Flex feeding, vibratory feeding and/or manual loading
  • Processes: Assembly, Handling, Gripping, Picking, Inserting and/or tray loading
  • Fixed process griddimension for easy adaption
  • Standard documentation and validation package


  • Flexible low volume manufacturing
  • Allows for future expansion with new processes or repurposing for a completely new product
  • Customized processes possible according to customers´ needs

Recommended For

  • Most types of Medical Devices: Safety syringes, Autoinjectors, Epipens, Inhalers, Contact lenses, etc.


  • Output rate: Up to 20 ppm (customizable)
  • Base Module: 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Part weight: Up to 2 kg
  • Several vision options possible
  • Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence

Key Benefits

Modular solution for medical device assembly and trayhandling


Modular to allow for future expansion with new processes or repurposing for a completely new product. Suitable for assembly and handling of most types of medical devices: Safety syringes, autoinjectors, pens, contact lenses.


Optimized small footprint with flexible module arrangement. Base module: 1000 x 1000 mm. Part weight: up to 2 kg.

Cost Effective

Fast to quote and shorter delivery times due to standardization.

Pick and Choose Modules

Combine standard components and grid for individual process needs. Combine with different infeed solutions and product transport styles.

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Accessible Automation for Low-volume Assembly and Trayhandling

The SwiftCell™ family of advanced standardized assembly modules is designed to meet the highest regulatory standards making us the go-to choice for leading medical devices manufacturers in the low volume sector. 


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