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  • Single source solution for automation / isolation; built in North America and Europe with local service /support, maintenance, and spare parts
  • Reliable filling accuracy of every bag, reduced waste
  • Smart scalable conveyance technology with SuperTrak Pharma8™
  • Bag applications: IV, flexible, aseptic, infusion, combo, poly, dual chamber
  • Reduced facility classifications (Grade C/D vs. Grade B clean rooms)
  • Integrated Industry 4.0 data collection, connectivity and reporting from the entire system (automation, transport system

Recommended for

  • IV bags
  • Cryo bag handling and filling for Cell & Gene therapy
  • Aseptic bag handling, filling, and containment
  • Rapid Prototypes and POPs – Ability to immediately design, build and test with existing in-house platforms
  • Filling: Mass flow metered, or peristaltic
  • IV Bag sizes: 50 mL to 1000 mL
  • OEB Level: Up to OEB5
  • Fill Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Speed: Up to 50 ppm
  • 100% IPC check weighing
  • Installation Area: Grade C
  • Environment: Grade A
  • Options: Vacuum prep, gas purge, head space control, leak testing, vision inspection, check weighing, automated bag loading, BIBO filters, etc.

Learn More About Aseptic Filling Containment

Comecer’s automatic aseptic filling line for IV bags is a high-speed turnkey solution that can process a variety of IV bag formats in both small and large batches. It uses isolation technology from start to finish to guarantee asepsis and containment. It provides complete separation between the process and the operator while reducing human intervention to a minimum. The filling line comes complete with in-line integrity testing.

Learn More About SuperTrak PHARMA8TM

Enables precise batch control with easily cleanable surfaces for wipe down and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) decontamination that will meet FDA and EMA requirements.

  • Maximum 8.5 kg shuttle payload
  • Grade A compliant platform
  • Save stations and repetitive tooling
  • Ideal for fill / finish applications


Production Performance Assessment

Maximize Your Investment

The first step to your best possible OEE. No matter what stage of the life cycle you are in, our team can help identify those factors preventing you from achieving targets.

ILLUMINATE™ Manufacturing Intelligence  

Connected factory floor real-time IIoT manufacturing intelligence. Visibility into equipment performance: Monitors, compiles, stores, and reports on production data.

Project Management

Successful execution requires focus on project management discipline. You can count on us to support your project delivery needs until final signoff at your installation site.

Aseptic Bag Filling and Handling System

Fill / finish with precise batch control; custom solutions for unique or prototype products. ATS Life Sciences Systems is your single-source solution for aseptic bag filling and handling for IV and cryo applications.


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