Market leaders in glass syringe assembly


Specialization in the pre-assembly of glass syringes (glass barrel with cannula) as well as final assembly and material handling

glass Syringe Assembly

With many successful projects for the manufacture of syringes, including our unique patent for UV-adhesive curing, we are proud to call ourselves a global leader in this segment.

  • Glass assembly for cut or round flanges
  • Gentle handling for the movement of components, subassemblies, and finished product, including stacked trays, pallets, bulk components, and more




  • Flexible conversion for many variants

  • Gentle handling without glass-to-glass contact


  • Part Rate: 100 – 300 ppm
  • Number of Tracks: 2 – 10
  • Controls: Siemens, Rockwell
  • Footprint: 8 – 12 m²
  • Syringe Type: 0.5 – 2.25 ml; 20 – 30 G; 0.5“ –1.5” length
  • Options: Vision systems, Flow test, Pull test

Other Injectors

Plastic Syringes

Our machines cover pre-assembly of a plastic syringe with cannula, as well as the final assembly of multiple components.


Automated pre- and final assembly of self-administered disposable drug delivery systems

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