Conveyance and linear motion technology


SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ fundamentally changes the way you build and design automation. Individually controlled shuttles allow you to increase your throughput without an increased footprint, resulting in less complex and more adaptable systems. The TrakMaster™ software is the user interface that provides access to the track’s powerful integrated functionality


SuperTrak GEN3

SuperTrak GEN3™

The current generation of high performance and reliable linear motion platform that enables synchronous and asynchronous processing for reduced tooling and footprint while delivering speed, motion profiling, precision positioning, flexibility, and programmability

SuperTrak PHARMA

SuperTrak PHARMA™

An assembly platform that combines the precision of cam-controlled workstations and the flexibility of linear motor-driven workpiece carriers, offering high flexibility, lower maintenance, and optimized footprint

SuperTrak MICRO

SuperTrak MICRO™

A high speed, low weight linear mover that facilitates multiple track manufacturing, with track to track switching for sort and divert purposes



A configurable transfer system for intelligently integrated, end-to-end automation. Links the ClearlinerTM handling system to downstream automation

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By focusing on your conveyance early in the design phase, you transform the way your automation systems are built, making it easier to not only design but also to develop and deploy.

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