Software for machine learning vision system


Partnering machine efficiency with human discernment; ‘teach’ the software to perform inspections by running machine learning algorithms on stored images, comparing machine decisions to inspector decisions

SmartVision M+

Captures image(s) from the inspection targets; stores, enhances and distributes to display system(s); display system(s) organizes and arranges acquired images for operators

  • Operators/inspectors can be located at the line or remote
  • All collected images are archived by failure more for future reference and AI and machine learning usage


  • Quality traceability at the part level
  • Image archive of acceptable and unacceptable product quality for troubleshooting, training, trending and analysis


  • Enhanced product images for pass/fail decision confidence
  • Remotely located inspection stations where production floor space is at a premium

Recommended for

  • Concurrent verification of machine inspection equivalency and qualification of machine learning
  • Sorting and organizing for distribution to multiple inspectors for blind or unblind confirmation decisions

Key Benefits

Compare machine decisions to inspector decisions; build confidence in the system’s ability to match or exceed the reliability and accuracy of human inspections.

Processing Computer

Stores, enhances, and distributes images to the display system. Pass/ Fail statistics with reason code

Multiple Inspection Display System

Organizes and arranges displays of the acquired images to the operators. Different lighting and images presented

Save Floorspace and Inspectors

Operators can be located at the line, in a remote control room, or potentially at a separate facility depending upon buffer size/processing time available

Database System

Stores and archives all images on the server, categorized by failure mode, for future reference which could lead to automating with machine vision

Other Software/IIOT


Smart manufacturing solution that provides pre-configured real-time dashboards and reports for OEE, faults and rejects leading to significant gains in operational efficiency.


Software user interface for SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform. Create system simulations; configure functionality to remove risk and engineering time; access diagnostic tools.

Smart Coach™

Training on-demand to coach workforce on machine safety, changeovers, troubleshooting, operation, and more. Mobile friendly and customizable.

Software for Machine Learning of Inspection Systems

If you’re ready to transition to the next step with your inspection system, let’s discuss how SmartVision™ M+ can partner machine efficiency with human discernment.

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