Complex and CGMP-compliant support for drug companies and OEMs


We support the entire pharma manufacturing process from material intake to finished and packaged product. Our services encompass design/build, integration, validation, and post-project requirements

We Deliver Integrated and Customized Solutions Worldwide


  • Liquid dosing
  • Solid dosing
  • Lyophilized Beads, Lyospheres
  • Tablet processing
  • Vial Inspection ​
  • Radiopharmaceutical​

Clinical Trials

  • R&D
  • Innovative Pharmaceutical Processes
  • Small Batch Processing
  • Gene Therapy ​
  • Biologics ​
  • Vaccine Production​


  • Egg and Embryo Harvesting
  • Drug Compounding
  • IV Bags
  • Roller Bottle
  • Cell Cultures
  • Pills, Tablets, Capsules​, 3D Printing
  • Radiopharma Isolators​
  • Transdermals​
  • Automated Pharmacy​

“We have jointly developed a high-speed machine for assembling and controlling pharmaceutical products with ATS.

The engineering, integration, installation and start-up were perfectly carried out. We are fully satisfied with the result, with the commitment of all the ATS team.”

– Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


With our products and services we can offer you a one-stop partnership with the right mix of expertise from our Life Sciences Group


Feeding and material handling, dispensing, Fill–Finish, 3-piece to complex assembly, low to high volumes, ensuring flexibility and competitiveness


Quality is more than customer satisfaction. It is also a commitment to deliver solutions that are compliant with regulatory requirements

Quality Control

Monitoring; Inspection; Testing – Collected data and reports can be accessed in real time for electronic batch records and traceability


Aseptic handling, labeling, inspection systems, kitting and cartoning processes, including autoclaves and gamma radiation sterilization systems


Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printed Tablets

Lyobead Formation 


LyoBead Inspection and Handling 

Glass Vial and Syringe Inspection 

Lyo Cake and Bead Inspection 

Aseptic IV Bag Processing 

Syringe and Vial 



Lyobeads are the Hottest Thing in Freeze Drying

Consider the benefits of lyophilization for transport, logistics, shelf life and thermal stability


Your Pharma Projects 

Increases in demand, new product launches, shifting business priorities… the selection of partners has never been more important


5 Ways Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Can Improve Productivity and Quality

How can a manufacturer be prepared for what’s on the horizon?

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