• Output up to 60 ppm
  • Faster rate: Smaller footprint and fewer material loading points (less operator time)
  • Ultrasonic cutting – Blade vibrates at a high frequency (20,000-80,000 Hz) for a cleaner cut, reduced risk of particulate and micro plastics, and increased sustainability
  • Equipped with IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence to rapidly debug and statistically track throughput

Recommended for

  • Complex coiled tube sets
  • Simple coiled sets
  • Non-stop operation – Dual-sided de-reelers allow for changeout of tube without machine stoppage
  • ISO 8 cleanroom: Standard is ISO 8 but can be designed to go lower

Learn More About Smart Conveyance

SuperTrak GEN3TM is a fully programmable linear motion technology with independent and parallel workstations. Smart technology with asynchronous sub 10 micron resolution and precision, single PLC control system, fully scalable and configurable to meet complex challenges and varying outputs.

Learn More About IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence

Utilize onboard reporting and diagnostic tools for production performance monitoring. Simplify the collection and analysis of data from automated manufacturing systems. With Illuminate software installed, operations and maintenance personnel can quickly understand situations and prioritize actions.



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Built on Proven Hardware, Time to FAT is Compressed by Leveraging Standard Designs.

A synchronous, servo-driven tube set machine stationed on a SuperTrak Gen3TM smart conveyance platform for medium to high output.


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