Advanced inspection platforms for lyophilized products


The PharmaScan™ Lyo Visual Inspection System designed for accurate machine processing of freeze-dried products in demanding regulatory environments

PharmaScanTM Lyo

Exceed manual visual inspection capability with a single pass; user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, saving time and resources.

  • Proudly manufactured and supported in North America and Europe, ensuring top-notch quality and service
  • Seamlessly transition from indexing motion to continuous motion
  • Clear, color, glass, and plastic containers are supported


  • Near 100% accuracy in a single pass; up to 425 ppm
  • ~60GB of images per minute
  • Designed to unload multiple tub pitches, reducing changeovers

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, saving time and resources
  • Multiple tests conducted – camera; CCIT/HGA
  • Built in North America, serviced locally

Recommended For

  • Lyophilized cake
  • Accommodates vials from 2R-30R

Key Benefits

Inspection and classification is an essential aspect of quality control; inspection rates up to 425 ppm

Low false reject rates

High-resolution cameras and optimal lighting are used to inspect the entire container and detect particles down to 50 μm


Each vial has a detailed and complete product image history, allowing for complete batch traceability and compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 for data handling and record archiving

ATS SmartVision™

Provides flexible and powerful machine vision tools for processing, including validated machine learning deep learning algorithms

ATS Imaging Presence

ATS is one of few Certified System Integrators accredited by AIA; all team members are Certified Vision Professionals

Working with ATS delivers confidence in custom engineering and takes your manufacturing to the next level!

Choose PharmaScan™ Lyo for automated visual inspection for compliant manufacturing


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