Our expertise in life sciences manufacturing, including both automated assembly and handling solutions, is your competitive advantage. With end-to-end and turn-key services, we deliver GMP compliant, high performing and reliable production systems. We can offer standardized equipment as well as highly customized solutions, ranging from low to high volumes, ensuring you stay flexible and competitive.


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Autoinjector Manufacturing

Final assembly systems for any common three-piece autoinjector with scalable output rates between 2 ppm and 120 ppm

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Syringe Manufacturing

End-to-end and turn-key services for glass or plastic assembly and handling, including our patented LED UV adhesive curing

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Injection Pen Manufacturing

Assembly of injection pen needles in finished package at rates up to 1200 ppm, and pen bodies with 8-12 components at rates up to 200 ppm

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Symphoni™ Technology

Technology that delivers an innovative, high-performance, digital assembly solution. With a high degree of standardization and a modular design, it delivers speed, versatility, AND precision without compromise

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OmniTrak™ Assembly

An assembly platform that combines the precision of cam-controlled workstations and the flexibility of linear motor-driven workpiece carriers, offering high flexibility, lower maintenance, and optimized footprint

Icon of robots doing assembly work on conveyor
Jetwing™ Assembly (Platform)

A compact, modular, and customizable linear platform developed specifically for assembling items that need to go into production quickly or that require frequent design changes

Icon of dial-based assembly platform
Discovery™ Assembly (Platform)

A dial-based, cam-driven platform perfect for high throughput, synchronized processes, with high production performance and easy maintenance

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Lyobead Manufacturing

Freeze-drying solutions for thermal stability, transport, high throughput and bulk storage

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Inhaler Manufacturing

Our vision-guided assembly processes and capacity for multiple sub-assemblies offers quality and flexibility for your DPI production


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SuperTrak GEN3™

The current generation of high performance and reliable linear motion platform that enables synchronous and asynchronous processing for reduced tooling and footprint while delivering speed, motion profiling, precision positioning, flexibility, and programmability

Icon of conveyor for clean space use
SuperTrak PHARMA™

A high performance, reliable linear motion solution designed for aseptic environments that enables synchronous and asynchronous processing on the same platform

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SuperTrak MICRO™

A high speed, low weight linear mover that facilitates multiple track manufacturing, with track to track switching for sort and divert purposes

Icon of person interfacing with software
Trakmaster™ Software

The user interface for SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™, designed to reduce engineering and integration hours, offering manufacturers a faster path to production with less risk of error by the engineering teams

Icon of conveyor for clean space use

A configurable transfer system for intelligently integrated, end-to-end automation. Links the ClearlinerTM handling system to downstream automation.

MaTerial Handling

Icon of skid of product
ATS Clearliner™

A highly flexible tray or pallet handler ideal for trays or ISO/Euro pallet sizes from 400-1000 mm, with potential to integrate a conveyor belt or trolley for transfer

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Labelling by ATS

A labelling system capable of handling a wide range of label forms and shapes, accommodating different product shapes and sizes

ATS Robotic Solutions

Turnkey robotic solutions that are highly flexible, scalable and innovative for trayhandling, palletizing, bin picking, assembly, packaging and more


Icon of vial
ATS Lyoscan™ for Visual Vial Inspection

A high-speed inspection system designed specifically for lyophilized cake in glass vials, executing approximately 40 inspections per vial at rates of up to 425 ppm

Icon of camera used for automated inspection
ATS SmartVision™& ATS Cortex™ Solution

Vision system and open software for the coordination and control of cameras and lighting systems necessary for complex inspections, offering cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization

Bluetooth® Connected Devices Functionality Test

A test system that verifies and validates the correct transmission of data and functionality of your Bluetooth® enabled smart medical and diagnostic devices, which can be a stand-alone solution or an integration into existing automation

Icon of machine performance reports
Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

Smart manufacturing software that makes sense of your machine data to maximize throughput, increase uptime, decrease cost, and improve quality, moving you from data to decision in minutes with transformational insights

Icon of training tools
Smart Coach™ Mobile Training Solution

A convenient, mobile, on demand, globally accessible, and customizable training platform created by our experts to convey important servicing content through audio, video, documentation, drawings, models, instructions, and manuals

Icon of camera used for automated inspection
SmartVision™ M+ Inspection Solution

A vision inspection solution that partners the machine’s data management, efficiency, reliability and objectivity with human discernment, so that SmartVisionTM M+ ‘learns’ to perform inspections independently

Equipment Offered by Other ATS Companies

BioDot logo

BioDot is a leading supplier of automated, high-throughput, ultra-low volume dispensing systems. From pico litres to nano litres, BioDot’s precision equipment is suitable for laboratories and production.

Comecer logo

Comecer is a leading supplier of aseptic processing and containment technology as well as isolation solutions, for the pharmaceutical, nuclear medicine, and regenerative medicine and tissue engineering fields.

IWK logo

IWK is a leading supplier of standard and customized tube fillers, cartoners, and transfer systems, for the packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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