In a GMP environment, you expect product quality to be confirmed, data integrity to be maintained, equipment performance to be monitored, and staff trained to demonstrate competence.  Our smart test, inspection, and digital solutions have been developed to address all these needs while providing higher efficiency, reliability, lower costs and better networking. 


  • High speed inspection of glass vials, up to 425 parts per minute
  • 40 vision inspections utilizing 28 cameras
  • Process analytics to quickly identify and trend faults
  • Quality inspections include: stopper presence/absence/position, cap and body features of each vial, as well as the integrity of the lyophilized cake contained within the vial
  • Quick change tooling to accommodate different vial sizes 2-30 mL in size
  • Manual and automated vial infeed options are available
  • Sorting and segregating of vials based on inspection outcomes


  • Test system to verify and validate correct transmission of data for Bluetooth® enabled smart medical and diagnostic devices
  • Inline testing at 300 parts/minute possible
  • Automatic load distribution of devices under test to Bluetooth® sensors
  • CFR Part 11 compliant with audit trail information integrated within the machine control system

ats smartvision and ats cortex

Two vision cameras for inspection

ATS SmartVision

  • Scalable PC-based vision system
  • Combines high-performance, platform independent, vision engine with standard interface
  • 3000+ SmartVision software licenses in operation
  • Software controls virtually any industry-standard third-party camera and lighting system
  • Scalable across application types and levels of complexity
  • Powerful toolkit included 
  • Rapid application development

ATS Cortex

  • All-in-one device running ATS SmartVision software
  • Interfaces with PLC through the use of a wide variety of field bus interfaces
  • Equipped with discrete I/O connectors to trigger attached cameras and lights
  • ATS Cortex 812 supports 8 cameras and 12 lights
  • ATS Cortex 204 supports 2 cameras and 4 lights

SmartVision™ M+

Woman making a selection of a Pass or Fail result of an image of a product
  • Captures image(s) from the inspection targets
  • Stores, enhances and distributes images to display system(s)
  • Display system(s) organizes and arranges acquired images for operators
  • Operators/inspectors can be located at the line or remotely
  • All collected images are archived by failure more for future reference and AI and machine learning usage

Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

  • Connected factory floor management system
  • Real-time IIoT manufacturing intelligence
  • Open architecture platform
  • Monitors, compiles, stores and reports on production data

Smart Coach™

  • Curated content on demand
  • Coaches workforce on; machine safety, changeovers, troubleshooting, operation, and more
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customizable
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