Not all of ATS’ standard products available to you fall neatly into the categories of Material Handling, Conveyance, Assembly, and Performance. Here we highlight a few other standard offerings, some available as stand alone solutions while others are intended for integration into a larger solution.

Dispensing by BioDot, an ATS company

BioDot dispensing heads positioned over a conveyor
  • AirJet™ – dispensing in dot or line patterns in µL volumes
  • BioJet™ – dispensing in dot, burst of dots, or line patterns in nL volumes
  • Aerosol and syringe pump technology
  • Adjustable dispense morphology
  • Programmable volumes
  • Non-contact printing
  • Applications in lateral flow, biosensors and biochips, flow through assays, immunoblot, karyotyping, FISH, FFPE, microarrays and more

Cartoning by IWK, an ATS company

IWK cartoner showing carton loading area
  • Vertical, horizontal and top loading cartoners, and fully automatic box feeding
  • Fully servo-driven
  • 45 – 1000 cartons per minute
  • Very rapid format change
  • Easy, reproducible format adjustment
  • Very easy to clean
  • Touchscreen operator panel (HMI)
  • For a huge range of packaging applications including bottles, tubes, blisters, jars, pouches, etc.

Tube Filling by IWK, an ATS company

IWK tube filling machine showing loading of empty tubes
  • Processing of plastic, laminate and metal tubes in round and oval shapes
  • 40 to 760 tubes per minute
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Sterile options available
  • Smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning
  • Easy maintenance and convenient format change
  • Patented tube holder for gentle tube pickup
  • Proven IWK filling system with high filling accuracy
  • Innovative pre-forming tool for clean end seams because the inner tube walls are prevented from sticking together

Isolator Environments by Comecer, an ATS company

Comecer isolator showing 8 glove ports
  • Containment isolators, aseptic isolators, and RABS
  • Fully CFR 21 Part 11 computer-controlled system
  • Software GAMP 5 compliant
  • Friendly operator interface
  • Sensors for temperature and humidity internal monitoring
  • Magnahelic manometers for internal pressure control
  • Inverter for ventilation fan speed control
  • Automatic valves for air flow interception
  • Available with VPHP generator
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