Introducing to and removing from automation the components, subassemblies, and finished product is a key aspect of efficient operation.  In addition to customized solutions for trays or pallets, ATS Life Sciences also offers several standardized solutions to ease your material handling operations.

ATS Clearliner™ – Tray/Pallet Handler

  • Ideal for any tray or ISO/Euro pallet sizes from 400 to 1000 mm
  • Integrate with conveyor belts or trolleys to feed and unload trays and pallets
  • Tray systems are available with a single axis, a speed version with 2 axes, and a version for cleanrooms up to class 1000 (ISO 6)
  • Pallet systems available with or without dedicated conveyors, and can be constructed for cleanrooms up to class 10K (ISO 7)
  • Suitable for many medical device components, subassemblies and finished products including autoinjectors and glass cartridges

ATS Cleantrak™ – Cleanroom Transfer System

  • Carrier-based conveyance system
  • Carrier sizing from 30 x 30 mm to 60 x 60 mm
  • Suitable for class 100K (ISO 8) applications including autoinjector assembly
  • Transport speeds of 9 -32 m/min
  • Maximum carrier loads of 30 kg

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