Our engineers develop customized as well as standard solutions based on our tried and trusted platforms for any process step that you might need – ranging from pre-assembly to final assembly. We offer semi-automatic to fully automatic systems tailored to your specific requirements.

Autoinjector Manufacturing

  • Equipment for the final assembly of common three-piece autoinjectors
  • Suitable for supporting clinical trials and pilot production as well as commercial production
  • Rates from 2-120 parts per minute

Injection Pen Manufacturing

  • Assembly of 8-12 piece injection pen bodies at rates up to 200 ppm
  • Assembly of pen needles with cap and package at rates up to 1200 ppm

Glass Syringe Manufacturing

  • Equipment for the assembly of glass syringes 
  • Output rates from 100 – 500+ ppm
  • Options for quality control testing and UV-curing available

Plastic Syringe Manufacturing

  • Equipment for the assembly of plastic syringes 
  • Output rates between 100 – 240 ppm
  • Options for quality control available

Lyobead Manufacturing

Small beads of freeze dried liquid contained in different coloured containers
  • High speed, non-contact dispensers for 2µL-30µL single drops, and nitrogen baths or cryo plates for freezing the drops
  • Lyophilizers for freeze drying formed and frozen beads
  • Automation solutions for handling lyobeads; for filling into containers or assembling into diagnostic tests

ATS OmniTrak™

  • Synchronous cam drive magnetic linear mover
  • Combines precision of cam-controlled workstations and the flexibility of linear motor-driven shuttles
  • Up to 200 cycles/min
  • Highly scalable

ATS Symphoni™

  • Integrated Digital Assembly Platform
  • High flexibility of pallets & robots with high speed of continuous motions
  • Synchronous motions offer gentle parts handling and high precision
  • 85% Standardized and modular offering scalability from R&D to full production
  • 90% less tooling than conventional equipment; offers smaller footprint and lower maintenance costs
  • High unit of productive capacity of equipment and floor space
  • 98% MOEE at SAT

ATS Discovery™

  • Rotary indexing cam-based dial
  • Up to 150 cycles per minute and 12 tracks
  • 12, 16, and 20 station capacity standard
  • Low maintenance
  • Synchronized motion produced by indexer coupled to main drive shaft

ATS Jetwing™

Jetwing™ machine
  • Synchronous cam drive linear assembly
  • Up to 12 stations
  • Multiple track options
  • Base system 1,120 x 1,540 x 2,300 mm
  • Pallet sizing 100 x 100 and 200 x 100 mm
  • Quick retooling of stations to accommodate new products or variants
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