Verify and validate the correct transmission of data and functionality of your Bluetooth® enabled smart medical and diagnostic devices. Test solutions are suitable for…

  1. Smart Medical Devices like Insulin Pens, Autoinjectors, Patch Pumps, Insulin Pumps, Inhalors, Nasal Sprays, etc.
  2. Smart Medical Diagnostics like Glucose Meters, etc.

We co-develop Bluetooth® functionality tests – tailored to our customers specific product and process requirements. The testing station is typically installed after the (sub)assembly processes and before the packaging stations. The test system for Bluetooth® 5.0 and higher can either be a stand-alone solution or an integration into existing automation systems.

Key Specifications

  • Inline-testing at 300 parts/minute possible (every device tested)*
  • Scalable to higher than 300 parts/minute with additional hardware
  • Multiplexing: Automated load distribution of devices under test to Bluetooth® sensors
  • Reception range approx. 8 metres at RSSI <70dBm**
  • Reception & inline testing possible within factory automation**
  • Concurrent testing with assembly and packaging operations possible

Key Benefits

Easy Testing

of device functionalities within your automation


for all Bluetooth® capable smart devices 5.0

Icon of analytics chart indicating improvement

Easily Scalable

test capacity according to your production rate

Small Footprint

solution to save important production space

Icon of document and pencil indicating customizable

CFR Part 11

compliant and integrated in machine control system

Icon of tools indicating extensible and scalable


and configurable test procedure

Test Library

extendable for patient specific functionality tests

Full Traceability

and documentation in batch report via PLC system


Bluetooth Fact Sheet

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