Manufacturing Intelligence Software


Smart manufacturing solution that provides pre-configured real-time dashboards and reports for OEE, faults and rejects leading to significant gains in operational efficiency.

Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

Software that simplifies the collection and analysis of data from automated manufacturing systems so you can quickly take action.

  • Real-time monitoring of machine health and production performance
  • Early detection of faults reducing frequency of unplanned downtime
  • Identify opportunities to improve production processes and eliminate waste


  • Capture real-time OEE intelligence across lines, machines and locations
  • Color-coded early warning reminders keep you current in maintenance activities
  • Integrated just-in-time ordering of spares and parts kits


  • Performance diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Gain visual insight with livestream video for root cause analysis
  • Monitor operations anytime and anywhere from secure single point IIoT platform

Recommended for

  • Data-to-decision in minutes
  • Identify production trends
  • Facilitate visual machine learning on parts and product quality control inspection

Key Benefits

Real-time IIoT manufacturing intelligence that drives and sustains your manufacturing OEE and factory floor management.

Decrease Cost

Decrease cost through automated parts management and integrated statistical process control provisioning; improve equipment efficiency, yield, lifespan.

Performance Sustainability

A data foundation for decision-making helps optimize operations and drive continuous and sustainable performance improvements to lower the cost of goods sold.

Performance Analysis

Continually analyze all data and utilize feedback to allow you to course-correct manufacturing production and processes without manual intervention.

Increase Quality

Visibility and insight into key production metrics, equipment measurement data, traceability of entire part process, driving continual production performance.

Other Software/IIOT

SmartVision™ M+

Partnering machine efficiency with human discernment, by ‘teaching’ machine learning algorithms that compare machine decisions to inspector decisions.


Software user interface for SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform. Create system simulations; configure functionality to remove risk and engineering time; access diagnostic tools.

Smart Coach™

Training on-demand to coach workforce on machine safety, changeovers, troubleshooting, operation, and more. Mobile friendly and customizable.

Chosen by the World’s Leading Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

For medical devices and pharmaceuticals, Illuminate™ can increase the efficiency of an existing automation system. Let’s discuss your factory floor experience through manufacturing intelligence.

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