As the demand for tools for the self-administration of drugs increases, so does the need for manufacturing processes that are safe, reliable, compliant, time-efficient and customizable. Explore our autoinjector manufacturing equipment.

autoinjectors – final assembly

Solution Overview

Our autoinjector final assembly system for any common three-piece autoinjector provides scalable output rates of 20-120ppm. It is a low-cost solution with shorter delivery times, optimized footprint, lowered power/air usage and minimum maintenance needs. It is also highly flexible and scalable in terms of component loading options, accommodating additional components or processes, and handling different syringe types (round and cut flange syringes).

Key Specifications

Key Benefits

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Cost Effective & Fast Delivery

Pre-engineered for lower design costs and faster delivery.

Suitable for any three-piece autoinjector (additional part assembly options available).

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Extensible & Scalable

Capable of handling external drive units.

Single side of entry for sub-assemblies and external drive units.

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Accommodates both round and cut flange syringes (full vision inspection option).

Various component loading options available from manual to fully automated.

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Fast & Efficient

SCARA robot to achieve high speed and placement accuracy.

Low maintenance and minimum power/air usage.

Features the SuperTrak GEN3™ conveyance platform, utilizing independent shuttle control, speed, and precision. This Smart Conveyance technology delivers high performance with less effort and risk of error by design and engineering teams.

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Optimized Design

Optimized compact floor space designs.

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The Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence platform is a connected factory floor management system for superior and sustainable manufacturing OEE, productivity, and product quality. Designed to move our customers from data-to-decision in minutes with decisive and transformational insight.


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autoinjectors – low throughput final assembly

Solution Overview

Our ATS Low Throughput Final Assembly cell for autoinjectors is a semi-automated, servo-driven cell that uses force-measurement feedback to ensure proper device assembly. The tabletop system is designed for assembling the syringe, syringe unit and drive unit into an autoinjector. You can pre-test, verify and validate the assembly of your autoinjector on a semi-automatic system.

Key Specifications

  • Part Rate: 2ppm
  • Footprint: 110 mm x 720 mm (W x L)
  • Height: 1030 mm (top of enclosure)
  • Weight: 320 kg
  • Communication: Ethernet Protocols
  • HMI: 7″ Touchscreen
  • Power: UL and CE approved for North America and Europe. Other power options are possible.


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autoinjectors – associated material handling equipment

In addition to our expertise in assembling autoinjectors, we have material handling equipment that you can choose to complete the system. Check out our Clearliner™ and Cleantrak™ products.

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