Meet the leadership team at ATS Life Sciences! These colleagues set our vision and strategy, inspire our teams, focus on our customers, and draw out the very best in every sales, operations, and project team in our organization. Their philosophy is symbolized by the helping hand—helping employees do better, helping other ATS companies succeed, helping our customers achieve their goals, and helping patients realize positive outcomes.

Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.

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Headshot of Christopher Hart

Christopher Hart

President, ATS Life Sciences

Chris Hart has led ATS Life Sciences since 2018. During his more than 30-year tenure with ATS, he has demonstrated success in progressively higher-profile roles, including Director of Project Management, General Manager, and Vice President, Operations for the Life Sciences Group. Chris is a passionate leader, committed to improving patients’ lives through delivery excellence of high-quality automation solutions to our valued customers. Outside of work, Chris is a physical fitness enthusiast, having completed several marathons, triathlons, and CrossFit competitions, as well as being a three-time Ironman finisher. Chris enjoys working with his hands and spending time at his cottage in Northern Ontario with his wife and dog.

Headshot of Blair De Verteuil

Blair de Verteuil

President, Life Sciences Systems

Blair de Verteuil has been with ATS since 2001, assuming various roles and responsibilities that have developed and informed his appreciation for ATS Life Sciences customers, his understanding of ATS’ business and culture, and his commitment to service excellence. Blair is a dynamic and passionate leader who believes in empowering people to create an engaged team culture. He is a strong advocate of leveraging innovative ideas and technologies to advance ATS’ product and service offerings. Blair enjoys fishing, coaching hockey, and homesteading on the Ottawa River with his wife, niece, and three children.

Headshot of Mr. Andy Glaser, Vice President Global Sales

Andrew Glaser

Vice President, Global Sales, ATS Life Sciences

As a sales leader, Andy Glaser has more than 27 years of experience in identifying and implementing automation solutions for manufacturing processes. He is a published author and recognized expert in the field of automation. Andy is an avid advocate for automated manufacturing and its potential to increase productivity and lower manufacturing costs. Before joining ATS, he held several executive roles, including Vice President of Sales for Yaskawa Motoman. Andy resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, along with his wife and family and is a self-acknowledged fitness nut. He is the founder of, a community-based approach to delivering fitness to people in recovery.

Headshot of Michael Healy

Michael Healy

Vice President, Applications, Systems Engineering and Innovation, ATS Life Sciences

Michael Healy has been part of the ATS team for over 20 years. He started his career at ATS as a founding member of the Systems/Process Engineering team, and has since progressed by taking on manager and director roles within the Engineering, Applications and Innovation organizations. Michael is passionate about leading teams in creating, designing, and bringing high-tech, world-leading products and solutions to his customers. He is relationship-driven and focused on forging high-trust, dynamic, and collaborative teams, while cultivating a culture that enables unorthodox thinking and innovation. On a personal level, Michael is a husband and father of seven, and has a strong love of running, reading, and enjoying time with his family. 

Headshot of Katharina Markowiak

Katharina Markowiak

Vice President, Human Resources, ATS Life Sciences

Kathy Markowiak has been with ATS since 2019. She has extensive HR experience, having worked in global financial services organizations and in the public sector. Mental health and well-being is a key area of focus for Kathy. She has been a Board Director with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Wellington (CMHAWW) since 2017 and is currently the Vice President of the Board. She’s also an advocate for and participant in events to support local mental health organizations, including the annual Run for Women. Family is what keeps Kathy grounded, and finding time to be with her husband, twin sons (including a fiancée), and dog is a top priority. 

Headshot of Margaret Zagrobelna

Margaret Zagrobelna

Vice President, Finance, ATS Life Sciences

Margaret Zagrobelna has held various Finance roles prior to and since joining ATS in 2008 when she began with an M&A role and most recently assumed her current role within ATS Life Sciences. She took a circuitous route to Finance, starting her career with a Masters degree in Literature before switching her attention to Accounting and gaining her Chartered Professional Accountant status in Canada.

Headshot of Mr. Brian Hartwig, Vice President ABM

Brian Hartwig

Vice President, ATS Business Model & Business Integrations, ATS Life Sciences

Brian Hartwig has led ATS Life Sciences Chicago since 2012 and more recently has assumed acquisition integration with ATS Business Model responsibilities globally for ATS Life Sciences. During his more than 8-year tenure with ATS, he has demonstrated success in aggressive growth and expansion of the Chicago facility through strategic transformation of all areas of the business. Prior to ATS, Brian demonstrated success in progressively higher-profile roles, including Senior Project Manager, Director of Engineering, and Chief Operating Officer. Brian is a committed leader, driven to improve patients’ lives through excellence of services and automation solutions to all stakeholders. Outside of work, Brian is a dedicated father, passionate coach, and physical fitness fanatic. Brian enjoys working with his hands, traveling, and spending time with his wife, three children, grandchild, and two dogs.

Headshot of Ms. Peng Sang Cau, Vice President Symphoni™

Peng Sang Cau

Vice President, ATS Life Sciences Emerging Markets & Symphoni

Peng Sang Cau joined ATS in 2020 and is responsible for the commercialization of Symphoni™, a technology ATS acquired from Transformix Engineering Inc. Peng was the President and CEO of Transformix for 21 years, a company she co-founded in her basement and took global. Peng was included in IBM’s 2019 list of Canada’s Top 19 Tech Titans. Peng has been the recipient of several regional tributes, including Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Businesswoman of the Year, Business Hall of Fame inductee, and an honorary diploma from the local college. Her other awards included Exporter of the Year from the Toronto chapter of the Organization of Women in International Trade, and Queens University’s Jim Bennett Award for her philanthropy and leadership. Peng travelled with Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper on two Trade Missions. She has served on several boards and committees in Ontario, Canada. She is a coach, mentor, conference speaker and has been featured in local and national media. Peng came to Canada with her family as a refugee from Cambodia.

Headshot of Scott Marnoch, Vice President, Strategy & Global Business Development

Scott Marnoch

Vice President, Strategy & Global Business Development, ATS Life Sciences

Scott Marnoch joined ATS Life Sciences in 2021 after spending more than 20 years with various health and life science organizations. He has held a number of progressively challenging senior roles focused on global business development, strategic partnerships, and leading strategic growth initiatives for both early stage and enterprise driven medtech companies. Scott has lived and worked in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe, where he became an accomplished innovation strategist and a true champion of developing new disruptive business models and solutions that have helped to unlock new value by improving patients’ lives. Outside of relentlessly exploring new and daring destinations in differing climates around the globe, he pursues his passion for surfing, which he acquired while living in Australia.

Paul Hammer Headshot

Paul Hammer

Vice President, North American Operations, ATS Life Sciences

Paul Hammer has been a long-term member of the ATS Life Sciences Team. During his 30+ year tenure, his versatile background includes roles in Engineering, Program Management and most recently in Operations. Currently serving as Vice President , Operations for the Life Sciences Group – Paul is a highly driven leader who fosters a positive team culture and employee engagement to drive successful results. On a personal level, Paul is a devoted husband and father of three and has a passion for sports, travel and spending time with his family.

Headshot of Mr. Ulrich Frickman, General Manager ATS Life Sciences, Munich, Germany

Ulrich Frickmann

General Manager, Munich, Germany, ATS Life Sciences

Ulrich Frickmann joined ATS Life Sciences in 2019 and ever since led the growth of our ATS Life Sciences Munich, Germany site. Having extensive international working experience in leadership and strategic development positions for various global players, he was the integral driver of the very successful switch from the sites Automotive to Life Sciences business segment. Together with his team, Ulrich tripled revenue and built up capabilities and processes to serve the new rapidly growing Life Sciences customer base. He is an advocate for fostering a trusting team culture, developing talents and creating an intercultural mindset. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, doing various handicrafts and relaxing with classical music.

Headshot of Mr Steven Street, General Manager, ATS Life Sciences, Chicago, IL

Steven Street

General Manager, Chicago, IL, ATS Life Sciences

Steven Street joined the ATS team in 2016. He began at ATS Life Sciences Chicago as the Director of Engineering and held positions as Director of Operations and Director of Program Management before assuming the General Manager position in 2021. Steve has over 24 years of experience in automation, beginning as a Controls Engineer and holding increasingly challenging roles as Engineering Manager, Project Manager, and Group Leader for Integrated Systems. His passion as a servant leader has afforded him the opportunity to guide many emerging leaders on their leadership journey, a passion he enjoys daily. He is dedicated to the success of our customers and talent in the relentless pursuit of delivering our best to the patients we ultimately we serve. Outside of work, Steve enjoys spending time outdoors and doing home improvements with his loving wife, five children, two beautiful grandchildren, and two dogs.

Headshot of Mr. Matthias Dannemann, General Manager ATS Life Sciences Germany

Matthias Dannemann

General Manager, St. Georgen, Germany, ATS Life Sciences

Matthias joined ATS in February 2020 as General Manager for the site in St. Georgen, Germany. Prior to that he held leadership positions in R&D, technical and operational management, gaining 10+ years of experience in technical leadership. It is with ATS that Matthias has developed knowledge of the life sciences industry where he passionately pursues success for ATS customers, ultimately having a positive impact on the lives of patients around the world. Matthias enjoys travelling and has already set foot on every continent of the globe. His journeys have led him to the northern-most and southern-most places of the world where he enjoys hiking and biking with his wife.

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